Bethesda debuts new Fallout 76 Wastelanders gameplay

Get a load of…NPCs!

Bethesda recently held its “Game Days 2020” event alongside of PAX East, and shared a bit more info on several of their projects. Fallout 76‘s upcoming Wastelanders expansion was on deck with a new video that’s all gameplay (no commentary).

The video clocks in at nearly 17 minutes, and almost entirely covers NPC interactions. One of the strengths of the video is how it shows the player getting out of the initial vault and immediately talking to a person. Another highlight is the use of team-only interiors (instances) to ensure that people aren’t running around in circles, blowing up NPCs and trolling your game.

The funny thing is this is how I assumed Fallout 76 was going to operate, at a bare-minimum, when it launched. When I got out of that vault and just saw a few scant robot NPCs over the course of many hours, my jaw dropped. NPCs are also in missions now? This is going to be a huge upgrade.

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