Best Fire Trailblazer build in Honkai Star Rail

Honkai: Star Rail Fire Trailblazer

Blazing through enemies with the Fire Trailblazer

Everyone seems to love the main character in Honkai: Star Rail, and unlocking their fire version later in the game only makes that love stronger. At first, the main character feels rather weak compared to most other options you have for your lineup. Even though they do physical damage and are of the destruction path, their damage just isn’t enough and they seem to take quite a bit of damage in return.

A few hours into the game though, when you’re nearing the end of the story missions on Jarilo-VI, something happens and you unlock the ability to switch to a second form. This improved form is of the Preservation path and is fire based. This appears to be the best Fire Trailblazer build in Honkai: Star Rail.

Best Light Cones for Fire Trailblazer

When it comes to picking the best light cone for your Fire Trailblazer, we have more options than most characters. In terms of five-star light cones, we have two very solid options.

The first is the Texture of Memories light cone which increases all resistance and has a nifty shield mechanic. If the Fire Trailblazer is attacked when the character has no current shield, one is created based on their HP. If they already have a shield, they receive reduced damage altogether.

The other five-star option is the Moment of Victory light cone. It increases the character’s Defense and Effect Hit Rate, while also increasing the chance that the Fire Trailblazer is the target of attacks. Furthermore, the light cone increases the Fire Trailblazer’s Defense when they are attacked, lasting until the end of the turn.

If you’re not able to get a five-star light cone, I’d have to recommend one of two four-star alternatives. First is Day One of My New Life which increases the Fire Trailblazer’s Defense and the damage resistance of everyone on your team. Your other option would be the light Landau’s Choice. This one is very similar to the five-star light cone Moment of Victory but reduces the damage they take while also increasing the chance they are the target of attacks.

Switching to this fire-based version of the Trailblazer effectively turns him into a tank, so these are all great options for creating the best Fire Trailblazer build in Honkai: Star Rail.

Honkai: Star Rail Fire Trailblazer Relics
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Best Fire Trailblazer Relic Set

Once you unlock the Cavern of Corrosion and are able to easily farm relic sets, you will want to target the Knight of Purity Palace set. Having this full set will increase your Defense as well as the capacity of your shields. The Fire Trailblazer’s talent and technique make great use of the increased shields.

While obtaining your Knight of Purity Palace relic set you want to aim for tanking-based stats. This includes Increased HP, Increased Speed, and Defense. Even though the Fire Trailblazer does decent damage, it’s nothing compared to actual damage characters. Their strengths are more catered to tanking and providing shielding for your allies.

Best Ornaments for Fire Trailblazer

When it comes to choosing the best Planetary Ornament Set for your Fire Trailblazer, you essentially have two options.

The first is the Belobog of the Architects ornament set. This set increases the Fire Trailblazer’s Defense and when their Effect Hit Rate is 50% or higher doubles the increase. You could also use the Fleet of the Ageless Set. This set primarily increases the Fire Trailblazer’s Max HP, making them even sturdier. But when their SPD reaches 120 or higher they also buff the ATK of allies.

Either of these two Planetary Ornament Sets further increased the tanking capabilities of the Fire Trailblazer.

Who to use with Fire Trailblazer

Even though the damage output of the Fire Trailblazer has potential, the true focus of the user should be tanking. Using the build above they will be able to mitigate a lot of incoming damage not only to themselves but to your entire team.

Your primary goal should be pairing them with a strong healer such as Bailu or even Natasha. Then I would supplement him even further with another support character like Welt to cover all potential encounters.

I’d also recommend using some of the best DPS in Honkai: Star Rail to ensure the best chance for success.

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