Best character for Mercenaries mode in the Resident Evil 4 remake

There’s no wrong answer, but we have some suggestions

Resident Evil 4 remake’s Mercenaries Mode is live, and it’s time to talk meta.¬†Although there are only four characters to choose from at launch, you really need to dig into all of them to get a feel for how they play. Here’s a quick suggestion on what characters to pick for¬†Resident Evil 4 remake’s Mercenaries Mode.

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Consider starting with Luis

Every character can hold their own in Mercenaries, but we recommend trying out Luis to get a feel for each level. Luis’ Mayhem Mode ability is insanely useful and can be triggered when you’re cornered, in a pinch, or when a boss is approaching. He can also throw down dynamite and immediately blow it up at his feet without taking damage.

Luis’ loadout is perfectly suited for every situation, as his Red9 can even be used from afar to take out enemies; and his rifle can pick off high-profile targets (including catapults in the castle stage). Starting with two healing items isn’t too shabby either, and will allow you more time to try out the level as you scrounge up more items during each run.

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Then try Krauser as you’re going for the coveted S++ ranking

By that same token, Krauser’s Mayhem Mode is arguably the best power in the game: but you also have to carefully manage his bow and arrow loadout and recover ammo manually (which might be tricky if you haven’t mastered parrying yet to get through droves of enemies). Krauser’s knife focus can extend your time significantly, as knife kills will add more seconds to your clock.

Krauser is a great pick once you become more familiar with the layouts of each arena, and know how to take advantage of his strengths. Parrying and counterattacking is also a bit part of Krauser’s kit, which will come with practice (and potentially a run-through of the campaign).

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Hunk and Leon can hold their own too

Hunk also has an excellent Mayhem Mode (unlimited ammo), and Leon’s Mayhem Mode can be wielded with greater efficiency after you’ve acclimated to Mercs. Try all of them out to get a feel for their ins and outs and stick with whoever is getting you the highest ranking!

For a full breakdown of each character, check out our guide here.

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