Best Buy runs Buy 2 Games, Get 1 Free as Xmas nears

Nintendo fans need not apply

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Christmas is just around the corner, marking the return of the BOGO game deals. If you didn’t grab anything from the Target promotion last month, you now have a second chance at Best Buy.

For this week only, Best Buy is running a Buy 2 Games, Get 1 Free promotion for most major platforms. Strangely missing are Wii U, 3DS, and PS Vita games. We’re not sure why retailers rarely discount Wii U titles, but that’s how the dice have rolled as of late.

Pre-order titles are excluded too, so forget about adding next summer’s Batman: Arkham Knight into the mix. (Do people even pre-order that far ahead?)

The best bang-for-your-buck from the sale mostly comes on recently released titles such as Grand Theft Auto V (on PS4/Xbox One), Dragon Age: Inquisition, Halo: The Master Chief Collection, Far Cry 4, et al.

In terms of # of games in the promotion, PlayStation 3 games lead the pack with 320 available, Xbox 360 has 249 games to browse through, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One both clock in around 90 titles, and PC games number about 60.

As with all “Buy 2, Get 1” sales, the lowest priced item in the basket will be the free game. Bonus: if you’re a paid Best Buy Gamers Unlocked member, you can cut another 20% off the top of this B2G1 promo. Lastly, pricier Collector’s Editions do qualify under the sale, but most are sold out online. So if those are your thing, we’d suggest checking in with your local Best Buy.