Best Buy offering bonus items with pre-orders of Kinect

With Kinect’s release on the horizon, Best Buy is looking to sweeten the deal a bit for folks who have yet to decide where they will be making their purchase of the new Microsoft motion control system. Customers who pre-order either the standalone Kinect hardware or the 250GB Xbox 360/Kinect bundle from the retailer will receive some downloadable content for Kinect Adventures.

The content in question is two additional levels of Rallyball and a level of Reflex Ridge. As an added extra, they’re throwing in a helicopter prop for your Avatar. So, that’s something.

I played a little bit of Kinect Adventures a few months ago and I’m pretty unenthusiastic about it. But I feel that way about all of the launch titles and long ago accepted that they weren’t really for me. I can see a family with kids having fun with it, though, so this could be a nice little bonus for people looking forward to Kinect.

Free Pre-Order Exclusive Levels [Best Buy]

Conrad Zimmerman