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Dressed to Impress

Although Link has typically been depicted in his classic green tunic and pointy hat throughout the history of The Legend of Zelda, this isn’t the only outfit available to him. Tears of the Kingdom features plenty of armor sets to collect, and they sometimes come with some very useful perks.

The following armor sets, in no particular order, are among the best in Tears of the Kingdom.

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Best Armor Sets for Exploration in Tears of the Kingdom

Hyrule is huge. It will take hundreds of hours to unlock its secrets, and that’s before considering the Depths and the sky islands. Any outfits that make exploration easier are of great aid, as the bulk of Link’s time will be spent traveling, searching, and venturing. These armor sets turn Link into the ultimate explorer.

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Froggy Armor Set

The environment reacts in very predictable ways, which is good, as it means players can use real-world logic to solve problems. Sometimes, realism makes things harder than they typically are in video games, and this is the case with mountains and rain. When there is wet weather, surfaces become slippery, making it hard, and sometimes even impossible, for Link to climb.

The quick solution is to cook up some sticky elixirs. The smart solution is to get the Froggy Armor set. This set gives Link maximum slip-resistance, making it one of the most useful sets around. To get this set, complete the Lucky Clover Gazette questline titled “Potential Princess Sightings!”

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Zora Armor Set

Rain isn’t the only time water is a problem. There are also rivers and waterfalls to consider. Swimming uses up stamina, which Link has a limited supply of. With the Zora Armor set, water is no longer an obstacle. The complete set gives the wearer the power to swim up waterfalls, swim faster, and attack while swimming.

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Glide Armor Set

Link spends plenty of time in the sky, making stamina a critical resource in Tears of the Kingdom. The Glide Armor set helps Link maneuver in the air even without a paraglider. To acquire it, complete the Dive Ceremonies conducted by the Steward Constructs located on various sky islands.

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Zonai Armor Set

The Zonai technology introduced in Tears of the Kingdom can be used for various purposes. A lot of the time, Zonai technology is used to make transportation devices. Though these are useful, they suck on Link’s batteries. Some gadgets, like the rockets, are quite energy-hungry.

Instead of lugging around a bunch of Zonai charges, get the Zonai Armor set. It increases the energy efficiency of Zonai devices, in addition to looking quite stylish.

Best Armor Sets for Combat in Tears of the Kingdom

When Link does encounter enemies, he needs to be prepared. Some foes are quite powerful, and overcoming them requires both strength and strategy. With these outfits, Link will always be ready for war.

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The Soldier’s Armor Set

When it comes to being a good all-rounder, it is hard to do better than the Soldier’s Armor set. It has a respectable base defense, which makes it great for the early hours of the game. Through upgrades, the armor truly shines, becoming one of the best in the game. The Hylian set, which can also be obtained early, is recommended for the same reasons.

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Barbarian Armor Set

For impressive defense, the Barbarian Armor set is not to be missed. It also provides a boost to Link’s attack, making it a good outfit to put on when sparring with some of the stronger enemies in Hyrule. To get the set, complete the “Misko’s Treasure” quests.

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Stealth Set

Not all battles are won through brute force. Stealth can also be used to get the best of enemies. The Stealth set is a great one, as it lets Link creep around silently, making it easier to sneak into enemy camps. The Yiga Clan set should also be considered, as it has the bonus of letting the wearer blend in with the clan and access their headquarters.

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Evil Spirit Set

Though it is not easy to acquire, the Evil Spirit set is definitely worth it. Not only does it look stylish, but it also gives Link a stealth boost. When the whole set is worn, it has a Bone Proficiency bonus which greatly boosts the strength of all weapons fused to bones.

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Fierce Deity Set

Arguably one of the best outfits in the game, the Fierce Deity set vastly increases Link’s attack, making even the weakest weapons devastating. As is the case with the Barbarian Armor set, it is obtained by going on Misko’s treasure hunts. Collecting all three parts unlocks the Fierce Deity Sword.

With the above sets, Link will be ready for any situation. These are far from the only sets worth obtaining, however. Consider the Depths Armor set which offers resistance against Gloom, or the monster masks that let Link blend in with his foes.

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