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Find a way into her heart. All three of them.

Like a Dragon Gaiden Cabaret Club minigame

Love is a tricky thing, and it can be even tougher to navigate as a man with no name. The Cabaret Club makes a return in Like a Dragon Gaiden, albeit a bit differently than you might expect, and with a new set of hurdles for Kiryu to overcome.

In Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, Kiryu (a.k.a. Joryu) can go to two different Cabaret Clubs to meet with the girls there. The game jokingly refers to these clubs as the most immersive experience yet, and that’s because for you, the player, they are real actresses in FMV. Full-motion video, y’all.

How the Cabaret Club works

It’s a little unsettling, but if you want those Akame Network points and trophies, you’ll need to win over the hearts of each of the five Cabaret Club hostesses in Like a Dragon Gaiden. Three hearts, to be specific, which you can build up through gaining Affection.

Each session consists of ordering drinks, answering two prompts from a randomly chosen selection, and then an optional gift. If you clear the marker on the Affection bar, you have a chance to answer a new prompt correctly and gain a heart, bumping your Affection up to the next tier. This opens up new conversation topics, and puts you one step closer to the special scene.

How many Cabaret Club girls are there?

There are five girls in total for Like a Dragon Gaiden‘s Cabaret Club minigame. Two are in Club Heavenly in Sotenbori, which the main quest will have you visit at least once. Then, once you reach The Castle, you’ll gain access to their Cabaret Club with three more hostesses.

The Cabaret Club hostesses of Like a Dragon Gaiden

Like a Dragon Gaiden Kei Cabaret Club answers
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Portrayed by real-life VTuber “Kson,” Kei is an aspiring streamer who’s working on her big break. A lot of her topics include streaming, so brush up on your Twitch lingo. Her romance culminates in a pretty entertaining and fun scene, and it’s easy enough to say her romance line is my favorite.

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Ayu in the Like a Dragon Gaiden Cabaret Club
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The hostess Ayu is all about her career, both as the number-one girl at Club Heavenly and a future job as a beauty salon owner. Win her over, and she’ll invite you to a private photography session. Hopefully Kiryu knows how to operate a DSLR?

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Kaname in the Like a Dragon Gaiden Cabaret Club
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The aspiring pin-up model Kaname has a lot to share about how tough her industry can be. But hey, Joryu is here to take a little bit of the stress off. And then, later, have a special scene where they play around in a pool.

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LIke a Dragon Gaiden Kokoro Cabaret Club answers
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Kokoro has dreams of becoming an actress, and possibly even seeing some sights along the way. But she’s also really, really into Mahjong. If you have some know-how in those arenas, then it’ll be fairly straightforward to see her special scene, where she makes a little home cooking for Kiryu.

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Ai in the Like a Dragon Gaiden Cabaret Club
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Last but certainly not least, Ai is all about having a good time. And also, possibly, finding a little bit of security in life. Who isn’t? Charm her, and you’ll get a scene where she and Joryu clean up a bit after a night out on the town.

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What rewards do you get for romance in the Cabaret Club?

Finishing the romance line for any of the Cabaret Club hostesses in Like a Dragon Gaiden offers up 2,500 Akame points apiece. That’s certainly nothing to scoff at. Plus, you’ll get a special title, like Kei’s Husbando or Kaname’s Crush. Cute!

Hitting three hearts also lets you see the aforementioned special scenes with each Cabaret Club girl. Which, if nothing else, show off some fairly impressive production efforts. RGG Studio seems determined to keep incorporating FMV in their games, and well, they might as well innovate while doing so.

Can you replay Cabaret Club scenes in Like a Dragon Gaiden?

If you want to replay specific scenes, answers, or even that very special end-scene, the answer is yes, you can. Head to whichever Cabaret Club the specific hostess works at in Like a Dragon Gaiden and opt to enter; don’t worry, this will not cost money. While there is a fee, it’s only taken once you actually start the session.

Below each girl, you’ll see a Profile and Replay option. Head to Replay, and you can review to your heart’s desire. It’s very handy, whether you just want to watch those scenes again, or if you’re writing a guide on the best answers for each girl and can’t remember how best to answer, “You remind me of a gorilla!” Yes, that’s a real topic. Have fun!

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