Beating Kingdom Hearts superbosses with a DDR pad is a feat

Beating Kingdom Hearts superbosses

I really want to do it one day

No matter how you slice it, beating Kingdom Hearts superbosses with any kind of accessory is impressive; especially a DDR (Dance Dance Revolution) pad.

That’s just what MomoPkmn95 did! In the below video you’ll see them take on the Phantom (at the clocktower), Kurt Zisa, Unknown, and Sephiroth (Ice Titan is not in the video, but some would consider it a superboss). The close to 30-minute rundown is extremely enlightening, showcasing their journey to learn how to control the game with a DDR pad, as well as individual boss strategies.

It even shows some failed attempts (edited for brevity), which adds an air of authenticity to the whole thing. So what’s the toughest part of the challenge? MomoPkmn95 reckons that it’s dodging: as the square button isn’t as responsive as they’d like it to be on a dance pad.

I can still remember playing Kingdom Hearts 1 for hours on end and coming across a few of these superbosses organically. The thrill of learning the ins and outs of the fights, before the heavy proliferation of guides; trading secrets with friends. It was a different time.

Throughout all these years one thing remains constant: superbosses still rule. I’d love to see more games go crazy with their designs and craft over-the-top optional challenges.

Chris Carter
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