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Did you see what I did there? With the abbreviations? Yeah, I’m pretty awesome for that. Apparently there’s some news outside of the awesome headline I did, so let’s talk about that for a little bit as well. Microsoft is currently talking with the BBC to bring its vast amount to content to Xbox Live, including its range of TV programmes in delicious high definition. For the longest time, Europe has gone without a downloadable TV service like that which is enjoyed across the ocean, but these new plans should hopefully change all that.

Unsurprisingly, shows like Planet Earth are high on Microsoft’s wish list, but I would hope to see some classic comedy such as The League of Gentlemen (pictured) and Bottom make the cut as well. Provided it’s not three-year old episodes of Bargain Hunt or The Slaters: Banged Up, I believe Auntie Beeb could give a significant boost to Xbox Live. 

[Danke, Justin]

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