Bayonetta 3 is the win PlatinumGames needed

Bayonetta 3 was worth the wait

Welcome back! It’s another Tuesday, which means tonight there will be a new episode of Spot Dodge: A Live Nintendo Podcast exclusively on Destructoid. Topics: Bayonetta 3 is here! The crew shares their thoughts on the highly anticipated action title. That’s not all — Liam Hemsworth is replacing Henry Cavill in The Witcher season 4, SEGA talks about its “super game”, and Call of Duty could be Switch-bound. A Bayonetta 3 win is a pretty easy thing to talk about for one! All of that and so much more on Spot Dodge!

I haven’t completed Bayonetta 3 yet, but it’s already everything I hoped it would be and so much more. The action is bat-shit crazy, the new characters are intriguing and well-acted, and the game is so damn fun it helps me look past its performance woes. I’ve played very few games where it’s so abundantly clear it was crafted with truckloads of tender love and care — and in this instance, a pinch of perfume and gunpowder. Bayonetta 3 is the win PlatinumGames has needed in recent years. There’s so much to discuss!

Our lovely cast from around the web: Brett Medlock (me) and Mary Stowe from Destructoid, John Friscia from The Escapist, Greg Bargas from PC Invasion, and Brett Larsen, our extra special guest. Behind the scenes, Gamurs’ Eric Weichhart is live-editing this week’s show.

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