Bayonetta 3 launches with a very small day one patch

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It mostly deals with Naive Angel Mode and leaderboards

A Bayonetta 3 patch has been released, just in time for the game’s launch on Friday. The good news? It’s short and sweet.

So the first bit involves “Naive Angel Mode,” which, in the words of Platinum themselves, “lowers the amount of violence and sexual content.” Apparently the day one patch will apply this optional mode to “more scenes,” and it can be enabled immediately when starting the game (rather than on the chapter menu after the intro).

Also, the leaderboard/high score functionality is now properly applied before launch. There are numerous ways to upload your score: right after clearing a chapter and pressing “+,” or selecting a chapter manually on the chapter menu hub, selecting play history, and pressing “+” after the fact.

Other than that, there’s a generic “game balance and other adjustments” note, which could mean anything. You can find the patch notes below, courtesy of Nintendo Everything.

Bayonetta 3 patch 1.1.0 notes:

Game Modes
Naive Angel Mode, which can be activated to lower the amount of violence and sexual content, can now be used in more scenes. Also, Naive Angel Mode can now be activated when starting the game for the first time.
After starting the game, you can change the Naive Angel Mode setting from “Options > “Screen Display”. However, you cannot do so while in the middle of a chapter. You can change it either from the Title Screen or from “Options” in “Chapter Menu”.

High-scores and best times can now be uploaded in the “Online Leaderboards” section.
Here’s the various ways to upload your high-scores and best times:
Press the + button on the result screen after clearing a chapter
Select a chapter you’ve cleared as well as the difficulty level in “Chapter Menu” → “Online Leaderboards” and press the + button
Select a chapter you’ve cleared in “Chapter Menu” → “Play History” and press the + button
If you obtain a “Platinum” rating for your score or time before downloading this update, the score or time will be adjusted to match the target value of the “Platinum” rating
The “Total Time” for each chapter will be revised if your time is faster than the target value.

Game balance has been adjusted.
Other adjustments were made to improve the game play experience.

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