Bayonetta 3 codifies M rating on Nintendo store, adds “in-game purchases”

Bayonetta 3 in-game purchases

Also signifies “violence, blood and gore, partial nudity, and strong language”

Bayonetta 3 in-game purchases are going to be a thing, according to the updated Nintendo Store listing this past week.

As spotted on Reddit by user XDitto, the page was quietly updated recently, showcasing a full M rating. Now this was expected! Previously it was “pending,” and I don’t think anyone at Platinum would have settled for less than an “M for mature” for Bayonetta 3, and Nintendo has published the two prior games with the same rating. When it comes to the reasons why: “violence, blood and gore, partial nudity, and strong language” are obvious “just Bayonetta things.”

Interestingly, folks caught another addendum to the rating: in-game purchases. If you recall, this was a bone the ESRB threw people roughly four years ago during the height of the loot box craze/controversy, though it applies in a general sense beyond that sole parameter.

At present, I fully expect “in-game purchases” to mean some form of costume DLC, or even a potential season pass, which Nintendo has been all about in a number of their first-party games. Platinum is generally in the habit of providing full action experiences out of the box, so there’s probably no cause for alarm.

In fact, the idea of a potential Bayonetta expansion could be a great way to keep the party going without having to wait years for a new entry.

Chris Carter
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