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Developer DICE has already discussed ways in which Battlefield 2042 is building up the gameplay of its upcoming FPS. But today, the studio posted a blog addressing the social aspects of its game, and how it will be addressing community and conduct, including cheaters, within Battlefield 2042.

In a post about DICE’s commitment to “Positive Play,” the studio details how its addressing player interactions in Battlefield 2042. This ranges from some guidelines for how to treat other folks in-game, to improved tools for pinging people who are detracting from the experience.

First off is the Community Charter, which outlines its expectations for players in Battlefield 2042. These include some “Golden Rule” topics, and not sharing inappropriate content.

What’s likely to appeal to Battlefield players are improved tools for muting, blocking, and reporting players from within the game. DICE says that reporting a player is faster than previous Battlefield games. It should be easier now to report someone and return to the fight, as well as options for muting some or all players, in text and voice chat.

Even the Battlefield Portal, DICE’s custom game feature for Battlefield 2042, will let players use admin tools to apply persistent bans to players across the Community Experiences they’ve created.

DICE also says it will be investing in developing internal capabilities and technologies to augment third-party anti-cheat solutions, so there will be “multiple layers of defense” against cheaters. And for consoles, mouse and keyboard support won’t be enabled at launch, though they will still investigate options for the future.

It’s good to have a commitment to tackling cheaters from the get-go, as well as some streamlined options for reporting or avoiding players in matches. Hopefully those tools make the launch of Battlefield 2042 on Nov. 19 smooth. The open beta, meanwhile, is set to go live next week.

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