Battlefield 1 had one of the biggest betas ever

Tanks for the memories

As it turns out, people really want to turn the clock back to 1914. Or, they really want to get a sneak peek at one of this year’s biggest video games. It’s one or the other.

Whichever it is, EA DICE’s Battlefield 1 had a wildly successful beta. From August 30 through September 8, some 13.2 million players got a preview of Battlefield 1. As EA outlines on the game’s site, this resulted in 62.2 million kills while on a horse, 23.8 million road kills, and 28.9 million melee kills. There’s no word on how many people died of a broken heart because their love never made it back home. 

While EA calls this the biggest beta in company history, it might actually be one of the biggest betas in video game history. For comparison’s sake, Overwatch‘s beta had 9.7 million players, Star Wars Battlefront‘s had 9.5 million, and The Division‘s was at 6.4 million. Those are some extremely popular titles, and Battlefield bested them all by at least 3.5 million.

A glance at some recent history reveals why this is fantastic news for EA. After Battlefront‘s successful beta, the publisher shifted its expectations for the Star Wars game from 10 million units shipped to 13 million units shipped. It ended up surpassing that and shipping 14 million. Assuming people are similarly smitten by Battlefield 1, this marketing event may mean that it’ll end up a bigger cash cow than EA previously imagined.

Thank You For Playing The Battlefield 1 Open Beta [Battlefield]

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