Battered economy doesn’t affect Xbox, claims Microsoft

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The US economy may be in bad shape, but that hasn’t reflected on Microsoft’s Entertainment and Devices division, according to executive Robbie Bach. The division currently looks after several computer peripherals, the Zune, Windows Mobile and of course the Xbox 360. While people struggle to afford gas, they’re not struggling to buy from Microsoft, apparently.

“We have not seen, on the consumer side of our business, a slowdown,” claims Bach. He said that the videogame and computer business runs on a cycle determined by new releases, and not the economy. Thanks to this independence, Bach expects strong sales during the Christmas period.

Back also talked about the Zune, stating: “Apple has an advantage of strong market share position and that’s a challenge for us. The value of Zune over time will transcend across everything we do in Entertainment and Devices.”

Yep … and it’ll be a BIG HIT TOO I BET!

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