Batman: Arkham Knight 1989 DLC out today, September add-ons detailed

Keaton it up

Batman: Arkham Knight is getting more piecemeal DLC today in the form of a $1.99 add-on that’s free for Season Pass holders. It’s the 1989 pack, featuring a Michael Keaton costume, a Batmobile skin, and two tracks based off of the Burton films. Additionally, the Bat Family costume pack will hit this month.

In September, you’ll find six challenges, as well as a Batmobile based off of the Nolan-verse, with two race tracks in tow. Finally, the Arkham Asylum Batsuit is coming in September too, as is a new story mission with Nightwing.

That sure is a lot of DLC that will likely take five minutes to complete!

Chris Carter
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