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Bare Butt Boxing throws gloves today on Early Access

Boxing. Just boxing.

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Tuatara Games have dropped their multi-player alien-smacker, Bare Butt Boxing, on Early Access today.

Bare Butt Boxing is a physics-based fighting game. You don the big padded gloves of punching and duke it out with a fleet of other aliens doing the same. The goal is to clobber your friends and family enough to launch them into conveniently supplied portals to get points. There’s a veritable charcuterie of boxing arenas to throw down in, each with unique hazards and quirks.

I’m getting some real Gang Beasts vibes from Bare Butt Boxing, only less chaotic. There’s always a bit of chaos when you lean on physics, I’m just not sure that anyone here is going to get thrown into a grinder and be turned into a sausage.

Bare Butt Boxing comes to us from the esteemed developers of 2017’s Let Them Come. Needless to say, their follow-up goes in quite a different direction by presenting an alien’s take on the gentleman’s sport. It looks like some quick fun that might be a good time if you break it out at a family event. If you’re like me, and everyone in the neighborhood has a restraining order against you, there’s online play. That way, you can go fist-to-fist against strangers who don’t know about your sordid past.

Bare Butt Boxing is currently available exclusively on Steam Early Access. However, the plan is to release it on Switch, PS4, and PS5 when it hits version 1.0. Right now, the developers are planning on 10-12 months in Early Access.

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