Bank-breaker: Atari cartridge-cum-wallets by Niles

Need to carry your money in something a little more retro-chic and a little less skin-from-dead-bovines? Then NilesZ‘s Atari wallets might be for you.

If you can’t tell from the picture above, Niles makes wallets out of old, gutted Atari cartridges. Apparently, it’s taken him five years to perfect the process and he uses every component except the screws. It takes Niles about two hours to hand-make one wallet. Niles uses Atari carts because they’re about the right size and because the labels are sturdier than most — if you’re rough on your Atari wallet, the lable will start to fade in six months. According to the testimonials on his blog, they’re comfortable to boot.

Head over to Niles’ Etsy store — your friendly neighborhood purveyor off all things crafty — to make a purchase. Each wallet costs $60, and you can choose from Pac-Man, Defender, Maze Craze, Haunted House, Pitfall, a number of sports games, and (my personal favorite for delicious irony) E.T.

Hit the jump for a short demonstration of Niles’ Atari wallet in action.

[Via BoingBoing]

Joseph Leray