Bandai Namco says it wants to produce more Switch games

Bring it on

Watching the cautious optimism of publishers for the Switch turn into a mad dash of support has been a treat. Several studios that previously only comitted ports have now since changed their tune after the system outsold the Wii U in less than a year, and that list now includes Bandai Namco.

Wall Street Journal writer Takashi Mochizuki reports that speaking at an earnings conference, Bandai Namco is interested in developing more Switch games because they “take a different approach versus [PlayStation] and [Xbox].” They say that the Switch is better at “igniting play” because of the ability to take the system anywhere, and that the publisher is “willing to provide more games [on] Switch.”

You can find a full list of Bandai Namco’s current Switch releases here. As you can see most of them are ports, but that will likely change in the next year or so as they ramp up more studios to support it with potential exclusives.

Takashi Mochizuki [Twitter via Nintendo Life]

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