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Baldur’s Gate 3 (BG3): Retrieve Omeluum quest guide

A friend in need, a friend indeed.

Like many other RPGs, Baldur’s Gate 3 has plenty of side quests you can pick up along your journey for extra loot and rewards. Many of these side quests are rescue missions, to save NPCs you’ve come across from a horrible fate. One of these is Omeluum.

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Omeluum, a friendly Mind Flayer from the Underdark who is a part of the Society of Brilliance, is one of the NPCs who will be in need of rescue later in the story. If you’re looking to learn how to save it and complete the Retrieve Omeluum quest, we’ve got you covered.

Where to find Omeluum in BG3

Even though you meet Omeluum in Act 1, the Retrieve Omeluum side quest will take place during Act 3 of the main story, in which it will be found as a prisoner inside The Iron Throne. This quest can be picked up during Save the Gondians, where it will trigger upon entrance to the Iron Throne, or you can talk to Blurg in the Society of Brilliance Lodge. You’ll be asked to retrieve their colleague.

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No matter how you got the quest, you’ll need to return Omeluum safe and sound from the underwater prison to get the rewards. This is no small task, as the Iron Throne is incredibly dangerous. Not only that, but you’ll also be limited in your time to save it.

How to rescue Omeluum in BG3

Take the submersible down to the Iron Throne to find Omeluum. There will be plenty of prisoners down here, including Duke Ravengard, but Omeluum is specifically just west of the southern chamber. 

As soon as you set foot in the prison, though, Gortash will set the prison to self-destruct. This means you only have six rounds to save the prisoners and get out. Omeluum, once rescued, will become a part of your combat order. Once it’s Omeluum’s turn, use the spell that will teleport itself and one other to the submarine. 

I recommend using Dimension Door on Duke Ravengard to get him out fast, or at least Telekinesis to get him out of the way of any attacks. Be sure your party also has plenty of Potions of Speed on them, since you’ll all need to move quickly to gather as many prisoners as you can. This is especially helpful when you’re first freeing the prisoners. 

Once everyone is safe and on board, you can head back up to the surface. You’ve successfully rescued Omeluum from The Iron Throne.

Retrieve Omeluum rewards

Head back to the Society of Brilliance Lodge, and you’ll find Omeluum back here safe and sound. Talk to it and you’ll receive Omeluum’s Boon as thanks, which is a pouch that contains some goodies:

  • Potion of Supreme Healing
  • Scroll of Dimension Door
  • Scroll of Sunbeam
  • Wizardsbane Oil
  • Fungal Bamboozler

This side quest nets you some pretty good spoils, and you’ll come across it during the main storyline. I definitely recommend saving Omeluum if you can, since it’s along your way anyway while heading down to The Iron Throne. 

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