Badass blacksmiths make Bloodborne’s iconic Saw Cleaver

Cleaver? I…

Bloodborne‘s rife with unique weapons, almost all of them fitting the criteria of being interesting enough to warrant a real-life adaption. But, the Saw Cleaver edges out the rest this time and is the one that’s actually made, maybe because if nothing else it’s the most identifiable.

Man (Men?) at Arms is back at video game blacksmithing again, grinding and welding and “oh god I would be burnt to a crisp if I tried that”-ing. Bloodborne‘s the subject, a game we found fantastic enough to award as our Game of the Year in 2015. If we were just a smidge cooler, we’d step into the shop and hand-craft a trophy. I’d be the one in the corner yelling “Someone toss me a three-quarter allen socket, stat!”

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