Bach dumps stock as 360 problems mount; 1987 called and wants its scandals back

In a move reminiscent of Gordon Gekko and all the real life cokefiends he was inspired by, it has been revealed that Microsoft exec Robbie Bach sold off $6.2 million worth of Microsoft stock during a time period in which things were not looking so hot for the 360, mainly based on how often things would look hot inside of the 360.

Bach, president of the Entertainment and Devices unit within the megacorp, had this to say regarding his seemingly nefarious, Sterner-ian asset shuffling:

“In the last couple of months, we started to see significant increases in repair requests … and significant attention from people,” Robbie Bach, president of the entertainment and devices unit that includes the Xbox, said during a conference call with analysts at the time. “So we geared up to respond to that.”

Apparently “gearing up” translates to “covering one’s own ass in case one’s employer falls apart.” Microsoft then had this to say regarding the revelation:

Microsoft spokesman Eric Hollreiser said that “Robbie Bach’s past trading is completely unrelated to last week’s announcement. … [He] continues to hold a significant stake in Microsoft and remains confident in the long-term success of the company.”

This is where I would point to a huge neon sign emblazoned the words “corporate bullshit,” but since Niero is spending our entire Unnecessary Neon Signage budget on Del Taco and Kriss Kross albums while at E3, I’m going to leave it to you guys to make your own judgments.

Earnest Cavalli
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