Babylon’s Fall will be kicking off its closed beta soon

Babylon's Fall beta

Do y’all still care about this one?

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Remember Babylon’s Fall? Well, we remember the murmuring for several years, but after the E3 reveal, some folks have tried to forget it. While the idea of co-op action from Platinum sounds fun on paper, the art style is one of the weirdest aesthetics from the studio yet. Well, you’ll get to try it out for yourself soon enough via a Babylon’s Fall beta.

Babylon’s Fall beta period will begin soon, and will “gradually unlock additional content as the company moves into subsequent phases. According to Platinum the first closed beta, dubbed “phase one,” will focus on “fundamental aspects of an online game,” including the actual client installation, registration, and operational server stress tests. The signup page, though past the deadline, sheds some more light on what’s afoot and what you’ll need to participate. The studio will be collecting feedback on the official “Hanging Garden” forums located here, just in case you’re interested in taking part.

The whole reveal was one of the strangest trailers in recent memory, as it doesn’t like Platinum at all, and the looming threat of live service elements is scary. If it was just one of the aforementioned elements afoot, it would be an easier pill to swallow. Instead, I’m worried from both the perspective of Platinum and Square Enix. The beta will clue us into how good the action is, though, which is a start.

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