Babylon’s Fall allegedly only had one concurrent player on May 4

Babylon's Fall concurrent player count 2022

The dead speak!

The Babylon’s Fall concurrent player count continues to drop. The last time we checked into this ongoing tragedy, roughly a month ago, the concurrent player count apparently dropped to less than 10 people. Now things are a bit more dire.

According to statistics provided by Steam ChartsBablyon’s Fall hosted one online player concurrently on May 4. Although it’s less clear, apparently at one point near the end of the day on May 8, there were zero concurrent players.

Live service games often shoot themselves in the foot before they even arrive. The mere mention that a game is going to be an always-online “ecosystem” when it previously looked like something that could have just been a complete offline experience will turn off a large portion of people. Then you have the era where you have to hook folks at the start, and there’s going to be a natural dropoff there, because every game isn’t going to resonate with everyone; especially in this time of media oversaturation.

Then you have the further bleed point of getting people to buy into the live service concept, wooing them with extras, bonuses, and of course: content is king. But given that it’s so hard to compete with studios with bigger coffers, bigger teams, and an inherently existing playerbase, not every live service game survives this phase.

It’ll be interesting to see how long Square Enix plans on keeping Babylon’s Fall alive, and how it fares on consoles (PS4/PS5). Right now they are steadfast in claiming that the show will go on, but there is a breaking point.


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