Automation colony sim Time to Morp releases on February 22

I refuse to make the obvious reference.

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Yogcast Games has announced that Team HalfBeard’s colony sim, Time to Morp, will be released on February 22, 2024. Everything in 2024 still feels like it’s so far in the future, even though we’re talking about a couple of months.

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I’m realizing right now that I don’t know what a “colony sim” is. The Steam tag points me to everything from Frostpunk to Cult of the Lamb, which, to me, are two entirely different things. It seems to lump in survival city builders with base builders. Is Roller Coast Tycoon a colony sim?

Time to Morp has you taking care of the eponymous Morps, horrific cat creatures that help you gather resources and explore. You build pens for them, decorate the base, explore the surroundings, and research new technologies. With this technology, you can automate jobs and make your work a lot more comfortable. There’s even four-player co-op if you can stand to associate with multiple people at the same time.

Really, it sounds more like a farming sim that focuses mainly on livestock. A ranch sim. In fact, the Morps remind me of the slimes from Slime Rancher. But genres are made to be broken, so I’m not going to get all pedantic. Even though I already did. I do love automation, and the graphics look colorful, even if the people remind me too much of Miis.

Time to Morp will be released on PC on February 22, 2024.

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