Atomic Heart shows off more of its combat in new trailer

Atomic Heart combat trailer

The power of technology and a fistful of bullets

First-person action RPG Atomic Heart has a new trailer today, showcasing the upcoming game’s combat. And from wild powers to melee weapons and guns, it looks like you’ll have a pretty fun arsenal to play with in this game.

Developer Mundfish released this trailer today, spotlighting how the player can fight against hordes of mechanized combatants. They look pretty dangerous, from the regular automated grunts to giant bosses.

Atomic Heart is set in a future where a failure at a Soviet facility has led to a machine uprising. As Major P-3, you have to go in, minimize consequences, and prevent critical info from leaking.

You’ll need weapons though, to deal with all the angry robots. And it looks like you get a pretty decent variety of them. Atomic Heart is absolutely giving me BioShock vibes, in a very good way. Freezing enemies and lifting them into the air with your power-charged glove, then battering them with a makeshift melee weapon looks like a blast.

Atomic punk

We’ve been seeing bits and pieces of Atomic Heart over the last few years, as Mundfish has continued to work away on the project. We’ve seen combat, exploration, story, and even one very unsettling clown enemy. Not looking forward to that fight in particular.

It’s a game that’s continued to impress me a little more each time I see new footage. And from what we saw today, it really does seem like Atomic Heart is coming together well.

The question at this point is, when will it launch? Mundfish published the trailer today, alongside a tweet that says it will launch on console and PC in late 2022.

It looks like this holiday season might see us freezing, smashing, and bashing robots in this retro-future universe.

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