Atlus: Persona 5 Royal not planned for any platform but PS4

Arrivederci, Switch

Before Persona 5 The Royal was announced, folks were convinced that Atlus was going to announce what was essentially Persona 5 Golden on the Switch. I mean it made perfect sense: Atlus had a recent penchant for putting “definitive” versions of Persona games on portable devices, and hey, the Switch is portable! Alas, no, it’s bound for the same platform the original game hit (PS4), and Atlus recently put up an official Q&A, seemingly so people would stop asking about it.

In the breakdown, the publisher explains that there are no plans to move Royal off of PS4. Sadly the news gets worse, as they have re-confirmed that there will be no “carryover save” option, though you will get a “bonus” for early portions of the adventure. Right now it’s confirmed that Japanese PSN users will have to re-buy DLC for a nominal fee (10 yen each, which is literally pennies on the dollar). Retailer-exclusive bonuses are a go and will be unveiled later.

And that’s it! This whole thing was mainly to stop port begging it seems. Which also begs the question why this whole thing wasn’t made for Switch, as players don’t seem happy at the idea of having to start over a 100-hour JRPG from scratch on the exact same platform.

Q&A [Atlus via Siliconera]

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