Atlus announces Summon Night; Twin Age for DS

Atlus…I love you. I love that you were able make a game about surgery fun, I love that you made a JRPG where I can shoot myself in the head and still feel impeccably stylish, and  I love you for continuing the trend of awesome with your newest announcement, Summon Night, Twin Age.

While the new DS title is a little more conventionally structured than Atlus’s previous offerings, it still looks as if it holds a lot of promise. The in-game footage reminds me a bit of my favorite SNES RPGs, which equals instant nostalgia. The story is about a young girl setting off on a quest to fight evil forces with her creature companion and will feature full use of the stylus for all actions. The title is actually one in a series, although it didn’t come to America until Summon Night: Swordcraft Story hit the GBA in 2006.

Here’s the official site for you to ogle until the game comes out this May. Adorable!

[Via Filefront — Thanks, Justin]

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