Atari VCS console sees new delay to allow for spec upgrade

Now has the power of the 7800?

Atari’s strange little entry into the modern console market, the Atari VCS, has unfortunately been hit with another delay. The crowdfunded console has been pushed back in order to put a little more juice under the hood, with a new release window tentatively set for the end of 2019.

A new Vega-graphics based AMD Ryzen processor is being implemented within the retro-looking box, which will not allow for more powerful visual processing, but should also help the VCS run a little cooler and quieter. This change isn’t expected to affect the manufacturing time of the console, but does put back licensing and certification processes, hence the delay.

The Atari VCS – first announced in the summer of 2017 – became a reality once its Indiegogo campaign raked in three million dollars. The console was initially penciled in to hit the market last year, but it looks like its army ofbackers will have to hold on a bit longer before they get their mitts on this outsider entry to the next gen of gaming.

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Chris Moyse
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