This Astro Bot Nendoroid is such a cutie

Good Smile Company's Astro Bot Nendoroid

The little PlayStation mascot that could

The next PlayStation character to get a Nendoroid is none other than Astro from Astro Bot Rescue Mission and Astro’s Playroom, and that goes to show how far this mascot has come.

I mean it! We were talking about Good Smile Company’s figure for Aloy (of Horizon Zero Dawn and Forbidden West fame) just a few days ago. And now here’s the humble little bot, looking like a champ. When’s the next game? There’s got to be another one.

Good Smile Company is taking pre-orders, and you’ll have until June 29 to partake. The Astro Nendoroid costs $63.99, and it’s aiming to ship in February 2023, but as Siliconera points out, these things have a tendency to slip. You’ll need some patience either way.

Aside from the default face, Astro also comes with swappable “dizzy” and “smiling” expressions, as well as accessories: a fuse, a PlayStation coin, and laser feet.

I love this design as is, and it’s a natural fit for the Nendoroid line, but one thing is missing. Imagine if they recreated some of the collectible PlayStation console “artifacts” from Astro’s Playroom. The pack-in PS5 game was such a nostalgic, nod-filled collect-a-thon.

The Astro Bot figure is so cute and pure, I feel guilty for neglecting Astro’s Playroom — a game I got all of the trophies for but admittedly haven’t thought about much since the PS5 launched. I should download that again (you can never have enough free space…) and try to improve some of my times. Or maybe I’ll just pop back in to soak up the jams.

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