Assassin’s Creed Origins still hasn’t been cracked on PC

Shadow of War was cracked in a day

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Piracy and cracking is a weird thing. 

CD Projekt Red fought it tooth and nail sending legal compensation notices to its users before they backed off and become the “cool kid developer” they’re known as today. Some big publishers like Sega try to sneak it in big, otherwise critically successful games and act like no one would notice it and cause an uproar. Some massive titles, like Middle-earth: Shadow of War, are hacked in a day or mere hours.

But evidently according to DSOGaming, pirates are having a really tough time getting Assassin’s Creed Origins to crack under pressure, because of a VMProect and Denuvo tag-team. Because these two are together and sort of bond to form an unholy parasitic union, which some claim are taking up CPU power to operate.

The battle continues!

Ubisoft has managed to protect Assassin’s Creed Origins from pirates for an entire month [DSOGaming]

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