Assassin’s Creed gets the Hollywood green light

Ubisoft knows a cash cow when they see one. Along with the announcement of their digital movie studio in Montreal, Canada came the word that the studio’s first project will be a film adaption of Assassin’s Creed. The Quebec political estabishment was tickled pink by the news, considering that Ubisoft is slated to create 1,400 jobs by the year 2013. Less unemployed bums is always a good thing.

Surely some of you are gagging already, considering how the average video game movie ends up playing out on the big screen. Choke back that vomit: Ubisoft has made it clear that they want the game’s universe to remain true in it’s onscreen translation. In fact, they say the same people making the games will be working closely with the people creating the films to ensure the accuracy and mood is not lost. Sound too good to be true? We have no way to know until we see the finished product, but one thing is for sure: better video game films could be right around the corner.

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