Assassin’s Creed 2 confirmed, no I Am Alive in March, other obvious Ubisoft info

Quick — look surprised!

Publisher Ubisoft revealed a slew of information about it’s 2009-2010 game line up in a financial call today, most of it obvious information about stuff we already knew about. 

For one, before March of 2010 we’ll see Assassin’s Creed 2, as well as new Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, and Red Steel titles. Shocking. Ubisoft also “revealed” that a new, Smash Bros.-esque Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles title is in the works from Game Arts. Huge news

Also mentioned is the fact that their cross-platform disaster adventure title, I Am Alive, won’t be coming out this March. This is also huge news, and we’re all very, very surprised.

[Via MTV Multiplayer]

Nick Chester