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As the Switch OLED looms, Nintendo has sold 89 million Switch units

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The Nintendo Switch has done it again

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Nintendo saw an uptick in sales when the Switch Lite was released, and I’m betting they’re expecting another jolt with the OLED model. Given that the Nintendo Switch has sold upwards of 89 million units as of this past June, they seem to be pretty happy with this impending launch right before the holidays.

As a heads-up, Nintendo released updated figures for Nintendo Switch sales, and things seem to be going pretty well. This is what Nintendo had to say about the trend in a new financial report this past morning:

“So far, we have been talking about sell-in, or unit sales by the Nintendo group to our business partners. Now let’s turn the discussion to sell-through, which is the number of units purchased by consumers. Sales continued to grow for the overall Nintendo Switch family of systems, with global cumulative sell-through exceeding 85 million units as of the end of June 2021. Looking at sell-through in the first quarter, Nintendo Switch Lite sellthrough declined while Nintendo Switch sell-through rose compared to the same quarter of last fiscal year”

So it’s time to break down the all-time chart again.

Right now the Switch just surpassed the PS3, putting it in seventh place overall. It has roughly 12 million left to go until it supplants the Wii, which is pretty insane to think about given how strong that marketing penetration was. Then it’s just a short hop to the original PlayStation with a million more units on top of that, but there’s competition afterward. The PS4 is sitting high at 116 million units sold, and after that, it has to take on the undefeated champion: the PS2, at 155 million estimated hardware sales.

While it might not claim first prize, Nintendo is going to try its hardest to secure second by the time the Switch’s run is done.

Nintendo Financials [1 | 2]

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