As of today, there are no announced amiibo on the horizon

Though we know Smash figures are coming, at least

We’re currently going through the Delay-Apocalypse right now: well, what about the amiibo-Apocalypse?

Today, the Dark Samus and Richter amiibo arrived, following a decent amount of up and down pre-order stock opportunities (currently, they are sold out at a few places for MSRP, including Amazon). That’s a pretty nice duo all told, but what’s next? Well, nothing.

Right now there are no amiibo announcements from Nintendo. Now we know that some are coming, like the Joker, Hero, Banjo/Kazooie, Terry and (now) Byleth amiibo. Nintendo already said they had the intention of filling out the entire roster, including DLC. But the thing is Joker was released nearly a year ago, and he still doesn’t have a figure yet. Game director Sakurai seemingly still has them in his sights as of yesterday.

Regardless of how he feels, Nintendo has slowed the amiibo initiative down considerably in the past few years after going crazy with it: trying to tie in every new AAA (or in a few cases, indie) release with a figure. That era is over.

If you need a reminder, here’s a recap of every figure released to date, with year-by-year breakdowns. We can all stare at it together until something new comes along. Which, at this rate, might be E3 2020.

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