Art Attack Friday: Rich Grillioti

When it comes to the talented and accomplished pool of game industry folk that we here at Destructoid have coaxed into being our friends, we seem to have an inherent tendency to show them to you (like teh Pokemons, as it were).  

Rich Grillioti, the neo-retro game designer from Pixeljam Games who was interviewed earlier this week on RetroForce, manages to create both timeless games that stimulate your upper pixel gland while simultaneously making artwork that stimulates your lower game art gland. That my friends is a talent chock-full of secretion.  

While a large majority of Rich’s art includes an inspirational assemblage of pixel art, the following collection comes from two ingenious bodies of work each with their own game related twists. The gorgeous set of colorfully striped photographs come from the random on-screen patterns generated from an improperly inserted Atari 2600 cartridge, a phenomenon Rich has described as the console’s “subconscious”. In addition, Rich has created a delightful series of hacked postcards featuring classic game icons cleverly situated in exotic scenes. If you’ve been waiting all your life to observe Link offering the Triforce to a crucified Jesus or Mario riding the waves of Hokusai, today is your day.