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RetroforceGO!: Episode 18: Neo Retro with Pixeljam

2007-10-01 15:48:22  ยท  Dyson

In our never ending battle against mediocrity, RFGO! fires another salvo of podcasting awesomeness across the bow of the Internets. Hoping to strike a direct hit, we invite Rich Grillotti from Pixeljam Games to sit down with the rest of us and discuss his company's neo retro games.


  • Chad employs a ruse (a cunning attempt to trick us!)
  • The dolphometer gets a power-up
  • Ratmaze hint: The title letters are cheese
  • Has anyone ever beat Pitfall?
  • Chad dreams of little people in rain forests, in Oregon
  • Velociraptors
  • "Love in every pixel"

As always, you can check out our show over at the podcast page, or just jump into a full time commitment by subscribing to us via iTunes (it's okay baby, we'll be there for you). So enjoy, and we hope to see you guys back here later for some tea, maybe some crumpets too. 

[Sexy bonus pixel art included for your viewing pleasure. Courtesy of Rich.]

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#Pitfall #Pixeljam Games #retro #RetroforceGO!


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