Art Attack Friday: Miss Shelby

It could be said that artist Shelby painted the above mural imbued with high art aspirations of a piece that flirts playfully between pop culture and pop gaming. Or perhaps it was merely a colorful solution as to how she and her game journalist beau Jared Rea would decorate their living room.  However, we here have the better sense to know that true art is all but subjective, so I will make make a bold gesture and assume that Mister Warhol exclusively reveals the candy coated underbelly of Master Chief’s night life. Or something.

While Shelby may already be well known in the Cosplay community for her faithful costume-work (from her head down to her toes, even), she simultaneously creates a precious variety of game-related art that ranges from the wearable, to the edible, to the weighted companion cube-able.  Enjoy these tidbits of her work and be sure to check out her other projects on her blog!