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What!? Nine thousand!? Our dog and cat duo of Momo and Chief have been known to have epic duals. But what hath Chief wrought this time? Feel free to check out the original as Momo was bawwwing during a haircut. But don't worry, they'r...


Lost Odyssey packaging is fantastic!

You may have heard that the packaging for Microsoft's latest JRPG adventure, Lost Odyssey, is lacking in quality. Well, I'm here to tell you that's not true. You see, the tri-spindled discs and enveloped fourth is what you find in the regul...


A Video Tour of Arcade Infinity

As a taste of what's to come in the third entry of the No Country for Old Arcades series I'm working on, here's a video tour of my favorite arcade in the whole, wide world, Arcade Infinity. I flew down to LA for the story this weekend ...


No Country for Old Arcades

Moments after being handed my first set of car keys, I began a ritual that would be repeated multiple times each week for nearly a decade now. I’d grab my cup full of tokens, the latest Super Eurobeat release (it being the style at the ...


GameTap Food Porn

I come back in on a Monday morning and what am I craving? None other than the officially unofficial GameTap taco truck! Oh sweet Jesus what I would I not do for a round of carnitas and cheese! Behold! A mobile feast of ethnic proportions...


Shame Unlike Anything

What's more shameful than hanging out with yourself on a Saturday night while playing guitar and vocals at the same time in Rock Band? Having not just one of your instruments fail upon starting, but two instruments find their way to an ea...


It's time to Bubble Bobble

Do you enjoy Bubble Bobble? Do you feel as though you possess what the kids refer to as, "mad skills?" Would you like to receive a prize for said skills? Splendid! Because you'll have until midnight tonight (EST) to prove yourself in the fi...


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