Art Attack Friday: Jon Sommariva

The pumped up work of Jon Sommariva graces the front page for this week’s Art Attack Friday. A straight-forward comic artist at heart, Sommariva (aka *Red-J on DeviantArt) conveys his characters in the guise of wide-eyed, rough-cut, ready to rumble cartoons. With solid lines and action packed poses, his talent and creativity manages to translate any game character into its bad ass comic book equivalent.

One of the neater aspects of Sommariva’s gallery on DeviantArt are the preparatory sketches of his work paired alongside the finalized colored renditions, revealing to the viewer the drastic difference between well conveyed linework and a finished piece. While it appears as though he takes quite a few commissions in his body of work, it’s a pleasure to know that he continues to express his personal gaming enthusiasm with his talent as there are plenty of folk around these parts who certainly appreciate it.