Art Attack Friday: Jayun

Art Attack Friday is your weekly look at videogame fan art created by a talented artist.

Yes, after a long stretch of Art Attacks, we’re finally back to featuring an amazing artist that loves to draw tig ol’ bitties! You’re welcome.

There’s something about Jayun’s coloring style that just leaves me very impressed. The coloring is done just right on a lot of his pieces and it really helps his drawings shine. The Sakura and Lili from Tekken drawings in particular are just brilliant with the coloring.

I can’t pick just one drawing in particular that I love from Jayun’s collection as it’s all amazing. From Etna, Samus, Link, Tifa and more. If I did have to pick just one, I’d go with the Super Mario Bros. Alpha one just because of how ridiculous it looks. It reminds me of Masao’s art.

Check out more of Jayun’s artwork over on his deviantART

Hamza Aziz