Art Attack Friday: hoyhoykung

This week’s AAF artist is an incredible digital painter from Thailand who calls himself hoyhoykung. Although his deviantArt gallery may not be as expansive as some of our previously featured artists, in this instance, the lack of quantity is certainly met tenfold by superb quality. A first glance at any one of hoyhoykung’s digital paintings is enough to override the eyes with his brilliant strokes of outstanding color, but a second look reveals intricately designed compositions of brushwork that seamlessly mesh together.

Predominantly focused on science fiction, fantasy, and fan art, he manages to visually excite the viewer with palettes of stunningly saturated colors alongside palettes featuring more subtle black and white tonalities. My personal favorite is his vibrant Pixel painting that reveals a hidden goddess of the sprites sinking beneath a plethora of strikingly colorful pixels. At the same time, I’m equally as taken by the straightforward yet soft maneuverings of his sumi-e style brush work that is aptly demonstrated in his Assassin’s Creed tribute.

It’s easy to get absolutely consumed with the amount of action and detail that goes into each one of his works, so detail views of his paintings are a must. Check out the rest of his work in his deviantArt gallery and be sure to leave him a comment if you like his work!