Art Attack Friday: Giant Robot’s Gamer Over II

Giant Robot held their second Game Over art show last week, marking the end of GDC 2009. The Game Over collection showcases videogame art from different artist, all using different mediums. The show this year also had a few indie games on display that were created by various indie developers and artists. 

As for the art pieces, this year’s collection was a lot better than last years. There was a better turnout and there were some really unique pieces at the show. Most notable were the three unreleased Virtual Boy games that were on display. There were also a few new Atari pillows and this Mario Samurai armor made of fabric. 

All of the pieces are on sale but some lucky person already owns all three of the Virtual Boy games now. Pieces run from $50 to as high as $1400. Game Over is located in San Francisco and the show is open until April 15. Check out the Giant Robot site for more pictures of all the art pieces.

Fair warning: there’s a really disturbing art piece in the gallery below. Can you guess which one it is?

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