Art Attack Friday: Dude-a-Day

Art Attack Friday is all about Andy, the dude that runs Dude-A-Day. Andy started Dude-A-Day on October 31 2008 and his goal is to draw one dude a day until October 31 2009. So that’s going to be 365 individual drawings until he meets his goal.

The dudes Andy has drawn so far range from TV and movie characters, comics, cartoon characters and of course, videogame characters. So far he has done a little over 20 videogame characters, which you can check out in the gallery below.

Andy has a long way to go still and I’ll definitely have a follow up on Dude-A-Day this October. Until then, check out Dude-a-Day and take a look at his other art projects while you’re at it. Buttlord is hilarious.

[Via NOTCOT — Thanks, Colette]

Hamza Aziz