Arizona Sunshine: The (Steam) VR revolution will, unsurprisingly, have zombies

Virtual reality zombie shooter

I sometimes feel like I’m less on board with VR than most. It’s a fun novelty to show a family member for 20 minutes, not something I’d like to be cocooned in for hours. Maybe that’s why there’s expectation of it doing gangbusters on the same basis of the original Wii (with the same amount of already-courted diehards that Nintendo has had locked up forever).

Still, this Steam VR on HTC Vive zombie shooter, Arizona Sunshine, is kind of a neat idea. Maybe adding some sense of physicality, some complication to act of loading a weapon commensurate to unloading it — maybe there’s some room for an interesting exploration of first-person shooter mechanics there.

Even if it’s more zombies.

Steven Hansen