Arika shares footage of Fighting EX Layer running on a PS4 Pro

With comparison shots

Arika is the Little Engine that Could. No one thought that Skullomania would be returning to the big time anytime soon, but Arika has made it possible by way of Fighting EX Layer on PS4. Soon, actually, on June 28!

While you wait, the company just put out a PS4 versus PS4 Pro comparison video that mostly looks the same. The latter might sport some extra particle effects it seems, but it seems fairly identical on both pieces of hardware. We’ll get more hands-on tests in the week to come.

Arika has a lot riding on this release. 13 fighters are in at launch, but depending on how it sells there might be more — or if it goes south, none at all. With very little to go off of I’m still cautious, but will be giving it a shot as soon as possible.

Chris Carter
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