Are You Kitten Me? world quest guide – WoW Dragonflight

Keep in mind it could be bugged at any given time

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Bugs come hand in hand with a lot of World of Warcraft world quests. It stings a lot less knowing that they’re inherently fleeting, and will cycle in and out, but they’re annoying all the same. Here’s where to find the Are You Kitten Me? world quest in WoW Dragonflight, and how to clear it if it’s giving you trouble.

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Step 1: Find the world quest in southeast Thaldraszus

Again, note that this is a world quest, so it may not actually be available at any given time.

If it is, you’ll see it pop up in Thaldraszus, directly north of the Temporal Conflux. You can find the exact location of Are You Kitten Me? in the map above.

Step 2: Climb the mountain and clear the quest

This quest is easy to complete: you just need to click on each foothold and climb up the mountain with your climbing gear (which you’ll get at the base). Get close to each kitten and click on them (interact) to save them from their light bubbles. Do that for eight kittens (there are more) and you’ll clear it automatically (no turn-in needed).

Click on each rock to jump to them, and avoid the balls of light as you sway from rock to rock.

If Are You Kitten Me is bugged, you can try these options

The quest currently has a lot of problems with not having the proper footholds showing up. If that happens, you can try these methods:

  • Log out and log back in again
  • Turn on War Mode, and go back to the quest to see if the proper footholds appear
  • Change shards
  • Create an LFG (looking for group) party for the quest, and see if party additions allow you to climb further
  • Get a friend to fly you up to the highest foothold, then climb from there
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