Are you for Forza or gaga over Gran Turismo?

There’s an ‘other’ option

Racing games are probably my least-played genre. It wasn’t always that way though.

I distinctly remember chipping away at unlocks for hours on end in Project Gotham, getting lost in the intricacies of fine-tuning cars in early Gran Turismo entries, and doing 100+ lap races like they were nothing. Busting out the Pikes Peak Escudo and trying to beat my friend in a time trial or learning about various real-world locations like Cote d’azur or Laguna Seca (the latter of which I eventually got to drive a race car on via a replica track) — it was a time in my life that I’ll never forget.

But as my library grew and some of my car enthusiast friends moved away, so did my burning passion to tune up and tune out the rest of the world. As life’s many responsibility grew I just didn’t have time to be a master at every genre, though racing games do call me back frequently, whether it’s for job-related reasons or just plain fun.

In recent years I’ve shifted from a die-hard GT fan into someone who prefers Forza. The arcadey elements of the Horizon series help, but I just appreciate the attention to detail that recent Forza games nail. That, and the idea of bringing out my racing wheel yet again for an Xbox One X edition is too cool to pass up.

How about you though? You don’t have to pick one, you can also just declare your love or hatred for racing in general!

Chris Carter
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