Arcade Paradise got a big patch, and you can finally throw away that pesky soda can

Arcade Paradise patch

The patch is out now on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox, with Switch coming soon

[Update: Following the PC patch, the PlayStation and Xbox versions of Arcade Paradise have also been updated, while the Nintendo Switch equivalent is expected to go live next week. As someone who’s still happily grinding away arcade challenges, I’m happy to see bug fixes, balance changes, and other issues shored up. One of my lingering Zombat 2 trophies finally popped, and I may be able to survive Knuckles & Knees at long last.

According to the team, there are two problems to watch out for that’ll be further patched:

  • If you quit the game using the PDA, or end the day, within a few seconds of placing a newly delivered machine, your progression will be blocked. When you reload your save a duplicate machine will arrive and you are stuck. To avoid this, wait more than 5 seconds between placing a new machine and quitting/ending.

  • If you quit the game during the end credits then when you go back to the arcade you’ll be missing all of the icons on the PC. To avoid this you must let the credits play out to the end and you appear back in the arcade normally.

  • Both of these issues will be resolved in a future patch, and we’ll make sure that existing saves fix themselves so you can progress normally again if you do encounter either of these issues.

There are also some new-to-PC fixes today, including UI scaling and vsync issues.

I’m trying my best to get the platinum trophy, but now that I’ve entered the post-game, it’s been slow going. Air Hockey, Blockchain, Woodguy Golf, and a few other game-specific challenges sure are tricky. After everything’s patched up, I’d love to see DLC.

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Arcade Paradise Buying a New Cabinet

Arcade Paradise is a game about tending to a laundromat business while also building an arcade empire in the back room, and if that sounds strangely engrossing, it is — it’s the kind of game you can sink hours into, session after session. But as much as I’m enjoying this slow-burn light-simulation-meets-arcade experience, it’s hard not to notice lingering issues. With a meaty patch released today, Arcade Paradise is in much better shape.

This will seem like not that big of a deal, but it’s now possible to get rid of a certain crushed soda can on the laundromat’s window sill — it’s been eating away at me! While that’s the infamous one, the patch tackles multiple “hard-to-collect” pieces of trash and gum that might show up. I’m always vigilant about this stuff. I can’t help it.

Other highlights plucked from the extensive Day Two patch:

  • UI scaling issues fixed on Steam Deck, Ultra Wide, and less common aspect ratios/resolutions.
  • Numerous fixes for finicky or impossible tasks and goals related to specific arcade cabinets and the jukebox.
  • Bomb Dudes — Enemy corpses no longer kill the player.
  • Thump-a-gopher — Gophers were not always appearing.
  • Communists from Mars explosions have been tweaked to make getting chains easier.
  • Blockchain cabinet instructions have been re-written.
  • The notification for holding over $5000 was very distracting when collecting more money. Disabled.
  • Multiple crash and progression blocking fixes.
  • Many of the player upgrade prices have been reduced to make obtaining them easier.

“Who would’ve thought making a game with 35+ games in would mean 35+ games worth of fixes,” the developers said in the patch notes. There’s plenty more at the link.

“If you’ve reported a bug that is NOT listed here, fear not, we’ll still have it logged — it will just be in the next patch.” As for Arcade Paradise console players, the patch will include the PC adjustments and “some console specifics we’ve omitted from here.”

Arcade Paradise beat-'em-up game
Knuckles & Knees.

From laundromat sim to arcade obsession

I really like this game, even if I agree with Zoey’s assessment that the laundry side of the business could’ve been more involved — I like management sim mechanics, too.

Where I’m at now, the vast majority of my time is spent playing my dozens of arcade games in hopes of completing in-game challenges and boosting their popularity with customers. In other words, aside from clean-up duty, it’s pretty much just a “legally distinct” arcade game collection at this point. Still fun! Just not exactly what I envisioned.

Really though, I’ve been waiting for Nosebleed Interactive to sand off some of the game’s rough edges. With patches like today’s, Arcade Paradise is easier to recommend.

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