Arc Rise Fantasia + bento box = very tenuous gaming link

Videogame publishers will send all manner of weird and wonderful things to people like me, because they’re under the false impression that we’re important. I haven’t let them know that we’re actually just a bunch of overpaid, undereducated simpletons who were lucky enough to get more than 100 readers a day, and that’s a good thing too, otherwise I wouldn’t have this bento box. 

I’m about as ignorant as Japanese culture as they come, so I have no idea what this thing is. I know you carry food in it, but it’s not big enough for what I usually have for my dinner — a wedding cake garnished with a chop. There were all these little Japanese food things in there though, all of which I am too afraid to eat because other cultures terrify me. I’m sure the guys at Kotaku have already wolfed the lot.

Still, I have to give Ignition credit. Sending a Japanese bento box because Arc Rise Fantasia is a Japanese RPG has to be the most vague connection to a videogame I’ve ever seen. Now, my one hope is that Ignition also sends over some Japanese voice acting when the game finally hits Western Wiis. It looks like a really promising JRPG, but I’m worried that the rather dire American voice actors will put people off.

In any case, the game’s due out for July and I am quite hopeful for it. 

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